Major in Peace Studies

In Peace Studies courses, students examine peace as a concept by reading, discussing, and analyzing the work of major historical, literary, philosophical, political and religious thinkers and groups. Students in the capstone seminar (PSTD 3190) may incorporate the academic study of peace into a practical setting, typically through an internship with an organization relevant to the individual student’s interests.

Language requirements: 12 credits of a modern foreign language; or placement into the third year of a modern foreign language by examination; or 6 credits in two modern foreign languages (for a total of 12 credits). Students are strongly encouraged to study abroad.

Required: 30 credit hours, including PSTD 1010 and PSTD 3190 Peace Studies Project to be completed in the Junior or Senior Year after the completion of PSTD 1010. PSTD 1010 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies is offered every semester. PSTD 3190, offered every Fall, typically complements a student internship with an organization whose work is relevant to Peace Studies. Students meet weekly for two hours with the professor to discuss assigned readings and reflect upon the readings in relation to the students’ field experience. Students are expected to keep a (graded) journal throughout the semester to record their analyses of the assigned readings and their internship. In lieu of an internship, a student may write a 25-30 page research paper that is separate from a thesis.

Students must successfully pass (grade of C- or higher) at least one course in each of the following three categories:

  1. Religious and Philosophical Approaches to Peace (2 courses)
  2. International Peace and Conflict (3 courses)
  3. Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice (2 courses)


*Please refer to the University Bulletin for updated lists of courses that qualify for the Peace Studies Program.*


Program Spotlight: Peace Studies

Today’s global economy and its impact on international relations and cultural relevance makes the study of conflict resolution an increasingly important area of interest.