Columbian College Peace Studies Program. A group of Peace Studies students outside the US Institute of Peace. Columbian College seal.


Exploring the Complexities
of Peace

through a liberal arts lens.


Who We Are


Peace Studies alumnus Mac Lee with an African child

Mac Kibum Lee, who minored in peace studies, was inspired to donate to the program by his time in the classroom at GW. 

The GW Peace Studies Program encourages students to unpack the multiple meanings of peace, the relationship between peace and conflict and the role of peace on local and global levels. Through major and minor programs, students learn about peace in its philosophical and religious dimensions, as an important aspect of international affairs and as a vital part of social, economic and environmental justice.

Located in the international policy center of Washington, D.C., the Peace Studies Program offers access to internship opportunities and pathways to successful careers in policy, law, health, social work, advocacy and much more.


Ty Miranda

Ty Miranda

BA '14, MPH '19

"My BA in Religion and minor in Peace Studies gave me the tools and research skills to better understand how to work with people within their own communities and context. After graduation, I served in the Peace Corps focusing on youth sexual health and eventually went for an MPH. I now use all these experiences to work in the political strategy space."



What We Offer

Aerial view of the National Mall on a sunny day

Professional Opportunities

Washington, D.C., offers unsurpassed internship opportunities, including at the International Rescue Committee and the U.S. State Department.

A group of three students in suits stand in the outdoor courtyard of a building

Cultural & Language Exploration

All majors are required to study a foreign language, and many students expand their global and cultural awareness through study abroad.

Peace Studies students at the what we owe award ceremonies

Alumni Connections

Alumni have gone on to work at institutions including the Federal Aviation Administration, the U.S. Attorney's Office, the Urban Justice Center and more.